Tom Gaumer
You have theories about why Keefe
Mon Apr 26, 2:25


said this or that but wish to ignore what he actually said.

There is no missing S&W as Keefe saw it in the Coroners office and on the table in court. the only problem is that he was wrong and admitted it was a Colt on the stand. The Coroner knew he didn't know anything about guns and exposed that in court and disposed of his testimony about a missing S&W Thus there is no missing S&W.
You are a conspiracy guy and have secrets to explain everything but you can't prove them because they are secrets and can only be asserted and never proven.

You completely misunderstood what I said about Grubber even tho I made it crystal clear to make your distortion nearly impossible..

You believe someone (Fuller) took the S&W and made it disappear. You insist that Keefe identifying it in the Coroners Office and in court was not Keefe being a dummy but his being afraid of Fitch exposing something about him. That is wild speculation on your part to try and cover your theory about a missing S&W that is missing because it never existed except in Keefe's imagination.

There was no S&W as Keefe proved in court by identifying a Colt as a S&W. There was no secret. Keefes claim about a S&W was demolished in court by Keefe.

Get over it like Keefe did. LOL

    • How else can we expand you mind?K.t.K., Sun Apr 25 21:16
      I explained to you over and over the foolishness of taking Keefe's testimony at face value - only in regards the pressure hanging over him, ever since Tom Fitch first toyed with him about ONE of two l... more
      • You have theories about why Keefe — Tom Gaumer, Mon Apr 26 2:25
    • Double Bluffgobs, Sun Apr 25 15:21
      Tom ... so there was a third gun and he was lying, or there was no third gun and he was lying, or under questioning, he played the deluded fool ... why, I wonder? ... bests
      • Right. We should all wonder.Tom Gaumer, Sun Apr 25 16:43
        gobs Also we need another option. He was a fool and proved it in court. Keep Laughing Tom
        • And A Glutton For Punishmentgobs, Mon Apr 26 1:58
          Like me ... I think I read somewheres that Ruben F. Coleman was the dummy that made stuff up ... be careful out there I've seen a few recent quotes ... and I've short term memory loss [like a few "... more
        • Re: Right. We should all wonder.K.t.K., Sun Apr 25 20:37
          Your total ignorance about the history of Tom Keefe blocks you from simple logic. To take Keefe's testimony at face value -- in regards the pressure he was put under by both T. Fitch and L. Price -- i... more
          • You take Keefes testimony at face valueTom Gaumer, Mon Apr 26 2:47
            ktk when he claims there is a S&W. You just deny what else he said, that you don't like, because it proves there was no S&W. You are a tragic victim of Keefe's delusions and yours about what yo... more
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