Wayne Sanderson
With regard to Frank Leslie having a 12” barrel 44-40 SAA...
Sun Apr 25, 21:40

He ordered one, but Colt’s never shipped him one, as per company policy at the time, backed up by the records at the Connecticut State Library.

    • I have a few we could add to the list.K.t.K., Sat Apr 17 9:46
      Although, as an Old West gunfighter buff I collect info on all type guns, plus derringers and other hide-out weapons. Under cinsideration for Colts: John King Fisher -"a pair of silver-plated, ivor... more
      • With regard to Frank Leslie having a 12” barrel 44-40 SAA... — Wayne Sanderson, Sun Apr 25 21:40
      • Very interesting, thank you sir...DL Staley, Sat Apr 17 12:47
        A question if I may. The information on the Masterson pistols being four inches, where might that have come from? Recorded in Colt's shipping ledgers are eight Single Actions which were shipped direct... more
        • BatK.t.K., Sat Apr 17 13:10
          I didn't mean to imply that Bat had more than one 4 incher. Whereas, likely I can readily find and substantiate the actual sources for each, I just threw them all in as I compiled the list for persona... more
          • Gotcha, thank you for the reply...DL Staley, Sat Apr 17 13:19
            if DeArment mentioned, I don't recall it. (but that was 41 years ago I read his The Man and the Legend too! ;-)
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