How else can we expand you mind?
Sun Apr 25, 21:16

I explained to you over and over the foolishness of taking Keefe's testimony at face value - only in regards the pressure hanging over him, ever since Tom Fitch first toyed with him about ONE of two legal indiscretions occurring at Bodie. (That being the one of Oct. 24, 1879)

Keefe told the truth about Fuller and he handling "a large sized Smith & Wesson" picked up from laying on the carpet near the door. Wes Fuller made it disappear. BTW, did you look up "secret" in Webster's yet?

There is nothing unusual about a witness "rolling over" on the stand. When the two Colts were presented to him, Keefe said whatever it took to end his session on the stand. rather than insist on the trueness of his S & W description. He was never wrong about his description of the "large sized Smith & Wesson. (Keefe's much more serious indiscretion of Oct. 26, 1880 was still hanging over his head.)
And it was not my supposition to make about the S & W, as you falsely accused. Try and throw your old pal "Grubber" under the bus.

What Old Man Fuller told Wyatt about Wes having taken Tom's gun, had been a "secret." There was no way any lawyer could bring out such a "secret" in court.

causing him to roll over on the stand to.

    • gobs There are two Colts according to the Coroner and presented to the court by him One was Billy's and one was Franks and were found near them. Keefe is the only person who claims there was a ... more
      • How else can we expand you mind? — K.t.K., Sun Apr 25 21:16
        • You have theories about why KeefeTom Gaumer, Mon Apr 26 2:25
          KtK said this or that but wish to ignore what he actually said. There is no missing S&W as Keefe saw it in the Coroners office and on the table in court. the only problem is that he was wrong ... more
      • Double Bluffgobs, Sun Apr 25 15:21
        Tom ... so there was a third gun and he was lying, or there was no third gun and he was lying, or under questioning, he played the deluded fool ... why, I wonder? ... bests
        • Right. We should all wonder.Tom Gaumer, Sun Apr 25 16:43
          gobs Also we need another option. He was a fool and proved it in court. Keep Laughing Tom
          • And A Glutton For Punishmentgobs, Mon Apr 26 1:58
            Like me ... I think I read somewheres that Ruben F. Coleman was the dummy that made stuff up ... be careful out there I've seen a few recent quotes ... and I've short term memory loss [like a few "... more
          • Re: Right. We should all wonder.K.t.K., Sun Apr 25 20:37
            Your total ignorance about the history of Tom Keefe blocks you from simple logic. To take Keefe's testimony at face value -- in regards the pressure he was put under by both T. Fitch and L. Price -- i... more
            • You take Keefes testimony at face valueTom Gaumer, Mon Apr 26 2:47
              ktk when he claims there is a S&W. You just deny what else he said, that you don't like, because it proves there was no S&W. You are a tragic victim of Keefe's delusions and yours about what yo... more
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