Yes, there were two big incidents in '74.
Sun Apr 25, 11:21

Wm. "Hurricane Bill" Martin and gang were dealt with in July by the triangle-squad of "secret police." Wyatt told Stuart Lake that Jim Earp was involved - at least in gathering up weapons.
But yes, James certainly could become over-zealous. I would think that "flourishing" pistols just once each in Idaho, Montana, Arizona and Texas might denote a zealot.

I appreciate your fine efforts but am bending to the notion that we are simply 'up against it.' A Chicago Times correspondent writing from Wichita mid-July 1874 was pissed off, declaring that the local papers followed "the policy is to conceal the diabolical practices of the place from the public gaze, lest people be thus deterred from coming to the country."

Been there done that. Ditto other places across the frontier, for instance Miles City, M.T. Every effort by the movers & shakers at Miles City was to squelch bad news getting out, as they were trying to entice as much settler immigration as possible. Sheriff Irvine would write periodic progress report letters; supposed updates, sending them hundreds of miles west to be published by the Dear Lodge editor. I could tell from vast research exactly when and how he was lying. For instance, one letter dated May 11, reported that there were no killings thus far in the far-eastern growing community. The truth was, there were already four shooting deaths, three of which Irvine was involved with as deputy sheriff or sheriff.
A document with the exact same date of May 11 is a bill to the county from Irvine of $1.00, for investigating the death of Brooks, killed by Morgan Earp three days before, this when the sheriff was out of town. But he never actually submitted that bill later, because the Coroner had the whole thing settled before May 11 while Irvine was away.

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      • Yes, there were two big incidents in '74. — K.t.K., Sun Apr 25 11:21
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