More non-Tombstone trivia
Sun Apr 25, 9:10

As you mentioned Parsons, I presumed you had his book on Sutton-Taylor ... anyroad, here goes ...

Page 139 is a photograph that includes Ed Glover
Pages 289-290 A list of those who signed the 1873 Treaty
Pages 291-293 A list of those who signed the 1874 Treaty

    • James Earp to the rescue?gobs, Sun Apr 25 8:12
      Ah, to research is divine ... to assimilate is an awful big ask ... does "unpaid" into "not" really go and which came first? The Jim Earp fine I can't really get my head around ... if the mob were ... more
      • Yes, there were two big incidents in '74.K.t.K., Sun Apr 25 11:21
        Wm. "Hurricane Bill" Martin and gang were dealt with in July by the triangle-squad of "secret police." Wyatt told Stuart Lake that Jim Earp was involved - at least in gathering up weapons. But yes, ... more
      • More non-Tombstone trivia — gobs, Sun Apr 25 9:10
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