James Earp to the rescue?
Sun Apr 25, 8:12

Ah, to research is divine ... to assimilate is an awful big ask ... does "unpaid" into "not" really go and which came first?

The Jim Earp fine I can't really get my head around ... if the mob were all armed, did the city defense team corral the opposing team, make them form an orderly queue and give their names to an independent officer? ... was Jim over-zealous? ... no, never ... is there a full list of those fined so we can [possibly] separate into two opposing factions?

Reading through Silva, Wyatt was paired up with Cairns, at least on night duties and, according to Cairns, Jewitt's triangle was only played once, but are we to assume there were two separate armed difficulties that summer?

On the other matter, Marohn didn't add anything new to the Glover-Hardin combination ... Glover campaigning for release, talking Sheriff W. E. Jones out of bringing an old indictment to the fore and details of the encouraging letters Glover sent ... mainly to have religious thoughts ... Hardin actually had to rely on Mexican clients and supposedly made friends with John Lackey, the Texas State Police officer he had previously tried to kill at Nopal on October 6, 1871 ... well, he was canvassing the black vote against the incumbent Jones

    • James Earp to the rescue??K.t.K., Fri Apr 23 4:22
      I might as well divulge my findings about Jimmy's propensity for "flourishing" a pistol to fit the occasion. There are four, but now I am wondering about a potential fifth at Wichita. Researcher Barth... more
      • James Earp to the rescue? — gobs, Sun Apr 25 8:12
        • Yes, there were two big incidents in '74.K.t.K., Sun Apr 25 11:21
          Wm. "Hurricane Bill" Martin and gang were dealt with in July by the triangle-squad of "secret police." Wyatt told Stuart Lake that Jim Earp was involved - at least in gathering up weapons. But yes, ... more
        • More non-Tombstone triviagobs, Sun Apr 25 9:10
          As you mentioned Parsons, I presumed you had his book on Sutton-Taylor ... anyroad, here goes ... Page 139 is a photograph that includes Ed Glover Pages 289-290 A list of those who signed the 1873... more
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