Bob Cash
Re: I got this
Sat Apr 24, 19:50

I believe Tom Gaumer is too independent and confident in his own conclusions to be moved to conversion by only one article no matter how excellent. Uh, you're not thinking of sending him some chocolate cake, are you?

    • Fellehey's testimonyJerry Prather, Wed Apr 21 15:23
      It seems that in the Nugget transcript Fellehey says that Morgan Earp fired at a man behind a horse and that Doc Holliday fired at the same man and also at a man who had run by him on the opposite sid... more
      • Re: Fellehey's testimonyBob Cash, Sat Apr 24 11:30
        Jerry, I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder. Since multiple witnesses described Frank out on the street with his horse and no witness other than possibly Fellehey (and Wyatt and Virgil), desc... more
    • I got thisKenny the Worshipped, Wed Apr 21 14:12
      I am sending Gaumer a copy of the entire Silva article (diagrams, photos, documents, etc.) and will have Gaumer converted to my side at the end of the week. Then the "Grand Master Vail" is coming a... more
      • Re: I got this — Bob Cash, Sat Apr 24 19:50
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