James Earp to the rescue??
Fri Apr 23, 4:22

I might as well divulge my findings about Jimmy's propensity for "flourishing" a pistol to fit the occasion. There are four, but now I am wondering about a potential fifth at Wichita. Researcher Bartholomew had found Case # 102 - an unknown indictment against James Earp, dating to August 1874. The entry was first marked "unpaid" in ink, then the word "not" was crossed out in pencil. Surely this must have been compliments Wyatt/Clerk Fred Schattner tampering with the files.
So much was not put in the newspaper. I had to query whether this related to the time in '74 when Justice Jewitt fined the Clements gang over a thousand dollars, and that Jim was gatheed in during all the arrests.

    • The McDonald Placegobs, Fri Apr 23 1:22
      It wasn't discussed ... THAT was my obscure point ... just stirring the pot
      • James Earp to the rescue?? — K.t.K., Fri Apr 23 4:22
        • James Earp to the rescue?gobs, Sun Apr 25 8:12
          Ah, to research is divine ... to assimilate is an awful big ask ... does "unpaid" into "not" really go and which came first? The Jim Earp fine I can't really get my head around ... if the mob were ... more
          • Yes, there were two big incidents in '74.K.t.K., Sun Apr 25 11:21
            Wm. "Hurricane Bill" Martin and gang were dealt with in July by the triangle-squad of "secret police." Wyatt told Stuart Lake that Jim Earp was involved - at least in gathering up weapons. But yes, ... more
          • More non-Tombstone triviagobs, Sun Apr 25 9:10
            As you mentioned Parsons, I presumed you had his book on Sutton-Taylor ... anyroad, here goes ... Page 139 is a photograph that includes Ed Glover Pages 289-290 A list of those who signed the 1873... more
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