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Fri Apr 23, 2:08

Just found THE book ... The Feud That Wasn't by James M. Smallwood ... in the index are a few pages including Glovers Dick, Edward "Ed", James "Jim", John W ... in which both Jim [in Hillsboro] and Ed [in Seguin] shoot two freedman each, with one dying in each township ... and "ggod guy" Ed steals a horse [as a gift] ... back soon if addendum necessitates ... still trying to find the Hardin book by Marohn

I was brought up in Hillsborough, Sheffield (home of Sheffield Wednesday FC, although family tradition and anti-snobbery made me a Blades fan like Joe Cocker, Sean Bean and Def Leppards' Joe) ... also, Tom might like this, formerly The Socialist Republic Of South Yorkshire ... politics has died in all the UK apart from the original home of Hillsborough, Northern Ireland

    • Re: Legal entanglements — K.t.K., Thu Apr 22 19:40
      Back to Sutton-Taylor. You had quoted from the Mannen Clements book by Robert W. Stevens: "Ed [Glover] was among those who signed the first peace treaty on August 12, 1873." Did the author give any ... more
      • Further Reading — gobs, Fri Apr 23 2:08
      • Peace treaties — gobs, Fri Apr 23 1:19
        Word was received by Hardin that Joe Tumlinson, an active Sutton supporter, had gathered a large force of men to attack the Taylor faction. Acting quickly he went with several others to the Tumlinson ... more
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