Peace treaties
Fri Apr 23, 1:19

Word was received by Hardin that Joe Tumlinson, an active Sutton supporter, had gathered a large force of men to attack the Taylor faction. Acting quickly he went with several others to the Tumlinson home and besieged it for two days. Responsible citizens in Clinton negotiated a peace treaty that was signed on August 12, 1873. Among those attacking the Tumlinson home were Mannen, Jim, Joe and Gip Clements. They also signed the peace treaty.

The peace they hoped for was short lived for by the end of the year the shooting had resumed. A subsequent attempt at peace was made on January 3, 1874 when a second treaty was signed. Although Mannen was not among those who signed it, his brothers Jim and Joe were.

Despite their efforts the killing continued.

    • Re: Legal entanglements — K.t.K., Thu Apr 22 19:40
      Back to Sutton-Taylor. You had quoted from the Mannen Clements book by Robert W. Stevens: "Ed [Glover] was among those who signed the first peace treaty on August 12, 1873." Did the author give any ... more
      • Further Reading — gobs, Fri Apr 23 2:08
        Just found THE book ... The Feud That Wasn't by James M. Smallwood ... in the index are a few pages including Glovers Dick, Edward "Ed", James "Jim", John W ... in which both Jim [in Hillsboro] and Ed... more
      • Peace treaties — gobs, Fri Apr 23 1:19
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