DL Staley
Quite interesting, thank you sir. (nm)
Thu Apr 22, 19:21

    • Recommended readMike Mihaljevich, Thu Apr 22 21:23
      If you haven't found any contemporary accounts of people carrying five chambered Colts, then read Charles G. Worman's "Gunsmoke and Saddle Leather: Firearms in the Nineteenth-Century American West". ... more
    • Thanks DL Stanley.K.t.K., Thu Apr 22 16:13
      I did the background on this Custom House Saloon which was a fairy recent addition at Wichita. Proprietor Charles Schattner had moved the joint over from Kansas City, practically piece by piece. The S... more
      • Quite interesting, thank you sir. (nm) — DL Staley, Thu Apr 22 19:21
    • Silva found an example...Joyce Aros, Thu Apr 22 6:20
      Mr. Staley, It is not my intention to give the impression everyone carried their guns with only five cartridges in them. I am merely showing for some conditions it was not unusual and was indeed prac... more
      • I think you'll find, Joyce...DL Staley, Thu Apr 22 7:35
        that the majority of actual working "cowboys" carried their revolvers in their saddlebags.
        • the majority....Joyce Aros, Thu Apr 22 8:22
          ...of working cowboys didn't carry revolvers at all. Most were kept in the wagons or later the trucks if possibly needed. Unless traveling, saddlebags were just added weight and in the way. I was w... more
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