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Thu Apr 22, 16:13

I did the background on this Custom House Saloon which was a fairy recent addition at Wichita. Proprietor Charles Schattner had moved the joint over from Kansas City, practically piece by piece. The Schattner brothers numbered three, and their father also would later come from K. C. All of them were bilingual from Germany. When Custom house opened officially in May of 1875, it was automatically the finest establishment in Wichita, what with club rooms and billiard hall etc. Thus as was usually the case across the frontier, law enforcement personnel generally made these top places a headquarters of sorts. So Wyatt was probably a little extra embarrassed for the "boom!" going off inside there, because by now in '76 Charles Schattner was top-flight socialite, Third Ward Councilman, and playing one-on-one whilst tournaments with Mayor Geo. E. Harris.

Eugene Schattner was put in charge as 'clerk' of the liquor saloon, and James Earp (top professional bartender) was brought in as the other 'clerk' - after which they were referred to by happy customers as "long Gene" and "little Jim."

More significant was Fred Schattner, already in Wichita for a long time, having worked his way to the position of City Clerk. It was through Policeman Wyatt Earp's relationship with City Clerk Fred Schattner that certain fines against family members like Bessie and James and Morgan, were penciled out and never paid.

    • Silva found it in the Jan. 12, 1876 edition of theDL Staley, Wed Apr 21 21:30
      Wichita Beacon. It read, “Last Sunday night, while policeman Earp was sitting with two or three others in the back room of the Custom House Saloon, his revolver slipped from its holster, and falling t... more
      • Recommended readMike Mihaljevich, Thu Apr 22 21:23
        If you haven't found any contemporary accounts of people carrying five chambered Colts, then read Charles G. Worman's "Gunsmoke and Saddle Leather: Firearms in the Nineteenth-Century American West". ... more
      • Silva found an example...Joyce Aros, Thu Apr 22 6:20
        Mr. Staley, It is not my intention to give the impression everyone carried their guns with only five cartridges in them. I am merely showing for some conditions it was not unusual and was indeed prac... more
        • I think you'll find, Joyce...DL Staley, Thu Apr 22 7:35
          that the majority of actual working "cowboys" carried their revolvers in their saddlebags.
          • the majority....Joyce Aros, Thu Apr 22 8:22
            ...of working cowboys didn't carry revolvers at all. Most were kept in the wagons or later the trucks if possibly needed. Unless traveling, saddlebags were just added weight and in the way. I was w... more
    • hearsay?...Joyce Aros, Wed Apr 21 14:19
      To whom it may concern; As I have been informed I am not to contact KtK anymore, let me just drop a little of my 'hearsay' on the board for whomever it might interest regarding the immediate post.... more
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