Re: EXCELLENT work, Gobby
Thu Apr 22, 9:30

Thanks ... I knew you'd cough up some more information that only you could find ... there's a method to my madness ... if we print all this stuff out, we won't have to cling on to dear life in anticipation of your weighty tome ... having trawled through the stuff I've missed I see the same old subject matter ... to throw a Spaniard in the works (wrench doesn't work), I keep remembering your information about the McDonald place ... the clues appear to fit the fact that strangely Billy Clanton appears to be an intended victim if there ever was [what Joyce calls] premeditated murder in mind ... of course, it simply doesn't fit the definition of murder ... although recent judgements make you wonder ... starting with ever courteous Doc shaking his hand, he was the jumpiest and he hung back a long time with the other young William ... maybe he was just the least experienced ... Ike and Wyatt may have met for a dance, but was heterosexual activity the reason for hanging around there so long ... was the Harwood place still used for that purpose and on Virgil's rounds? ... thanks in anticipation

    • EXCELLENT work, GobbyK.t.K., Thu Apr 22 8:12
      Were you trying to tell me that my Jeckyl & Hyde syndrome John King Fisher knew on which side his bread was buttered? So, the death of E. J. Glover at his home on Oct. 6, 1874, is very suspicious. ... more
      • Legal entanglementsgobs, Thu Apr 22 11:34
        Herewith the following quotations in full: The First National Bank in Wichita filed suit against Rainey & Mannen as cosigners on November 24, 1874. A verdict was rendered against them on January 29... more
        • Re: Legal entanglementsK.t.K., Thu Apr 22 19:40
          Back to Sutton-Taylor. You had quoted from the Mannen Clements book by Robert W. Stevens: "Ed [Glover] was among those who signed the first peace treaty on August 12, 1873." Did the author give any ... more
          • Further Readinggobs, Fri Apr 23 2:08
            Just found THE book ... The Feud That Wasn't by James M. Smallwood ... in the index are a few pages including Glovers Dick, Edward "Ed", James "Jim", John W ... in which both Jim [in Hillsboro] and Ed... more
          • Peace treatiesgobs, Fri Apr 23 1:19
            Word was received by Hardin that Joe Tumlinson, an active Sutton supporter, had gathered a large force of men to attack the Taylor faction. Acting quickly he went with several others to the Tumlinson ... more
      • Re: EXCELLENT work, Gobby — gobs, Thu Apr 22 9:30
        • Re: Re: EXCELLENT work, GobbyK.t.K., Thu Apr 22 14:01
          I forgot how the McDonald place was discussed. Too many irons in the fire. Doc and Billy handshake was classic mind-game. I used to play several different type games against opponents as a saloon r... more
          • The McDonald Placegobs, Fri Apr 23 1:22
            It wasn't discussed ... THAT was my obscure point ... just stirring the pot
            • James Earp to the rescue??K.t.K., Fri Apr 23 4:22
              I might as well divulge my findings about Jimmy's propensity for "flourishing" a pistol to fit the occasion. There are four, but now I am wondering about a potential fifth at Wichita. Researcher Barth... more
              • James Earp to the rescue?gobs, Sun Apr 25 8:12
                Ah, to research is divine ... to assimilate is an awful big ask ... does "unpaid" into "not" really go and which came first? The Jim Earp fine I can't really get my head around ... if the mob were ... more
                • Yes, there were two big incidents in '74.K.t.K., Sun Apr 25 11:21
                  Wm. "Hurricane Bill" Martin and gang were dealt with in July by the triangle-squad of "secret police." Wyatt told Stuart Lake that Jim Earp was involved - at least in gathering up weapons. But yes, ... more
                • More non-Tombstone triviagobs, Sun Apr 25 9:10
                  As you mentioned Parsons, I presumed you had his book on Sutton-Taylor ... anyroad, here goes ... Page 139 is a photograph that includes Ed Glover Pages 289-290 A list of those who signed the 1873... more
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