Joyce Aros
the majority....
Thu Apr 22, 8:22

...of working cowboys didn't carry revolvers at all. Most were kept in the wagons or later the trucks if possibly needed. Unless traveling, saddlebags were just added weight and in the way.

I was was referring to the likelihood of Billy Clanton and Frank McLaury using their weapons in the manner we have been discussing. Ike and Tom came in to Tombstone by wagon and likely were not wearing guns at all or they were close by in the wagon. In an emergency like an Apache group appearing over the nearby hill, trying to get a pistol out of a saddlebag quickly is not as easy as it sounds, especially if the latigo is tied even loosely or it is buckled.


    • I think you'll find, Joyce...DL Staley, Thu Apr 22 7:35
      that the majority of actual working "cowboys" carried their revolvers in their saddlebags.
      • the majority.... — Joyce Aros, Thu Apr 22 8:22
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