Camilla "Deaf Charley" Hanks
Thu Apr 22, 3:30

Was about to say that he definitely wasn't directly involved in the Sutton-Taylor feud


Can't get to all my books but here's everything you need to know ... I think


  • Camilla "Deaf Charley" HanksEddie Lanham, Wed Apr 21 15:20
    Searching for the "Story" of Camilla "Deaf Charley" Hanks, who was born Dewitt Co., Texas, involved in the Sutton-Taylor Feud (Taylor side), somehow ended up in the Wild Bunch, then back to Texas, and... more
    • Letter from Wyatt Hanks(Sr.) to S.F. AustinRobert Buckley, Mon Apr 26 15:14
      This is a letter that O.C. Hanks grandfather, Wyatt Hanks Sr. , wrote to Stephen F. Austin. I would think when Wyatt wrote this letter , the thought never crossed his mind that any grandson of his wou... more
    • GraveEddie Lanham, Thu Apr 22 4:17
      San Antonio https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/192546952/orlando-camilla-hanks
      • Wyatt Hanks IIIRobert Buckley, Mon Apr 26 8:17
        Wyatt Hanks III was born in 1863 , he was the younger brother of O.C. Hanks . In 1888, Wyatt was sent to prison at Huntsville for horse stealing. This must have been an interesting time for Wyatt , be... more
    • Camilla "Deaf Charley" Hanks — gobs, Thu Apr 22 3:30
    • O.C. Hanks was a cousin of William Hanks GrahamRobert Buckley, Wed Apr 21 19:32
      Some Hanks family genealogy: Orlando Camilla Hanks’ grandfather was Wyatt Hanks Sr..John Hanks was Wyatt Hanks Sr.’s brother and the Graham brothers grandfather. John Hanks married Isabella Haddon Hop... more
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