Steve Gatto
John Walton
Thu Jul 16, 2020 11:05

What I find equally interesting is that a John Walton worked at Anderson's bar on Almond Street. You will recall that John Walton, a thirty-seven-year-old pimp from Beardstown, Illinois, was plying the prostitution trade along with Wyatt Earp from a floating bordello during the summer of 1872 that the public called the Beardstown Gunboat. John Walton reportedly owned a second boat that Walton had similarly outfitted to work the river trade. That boat may have been named the Duggin Gunboat which was skippered by Isaac Duggin who was originally from Beardstown and he had operated a large saloon and house of prostitution in Peoria around 1870. Gunboats were known to operate on the Illinois River and the Mississippi River. Its likely that there was a circuit that these men used along the waterways which would have included St. Louis.

  • Mollie EarpPeter Brand, Tue Jul 07 2020 17:57
    I find Mollie Earp's connection to Peoria, Illinois hard to ignore, given the history of Wyatt and Morgan. PB
    • John Walton — Steve Gatto, Thu Jul 16 2020 11:05
      • "Gun-boat" circuitK.t.K., Tue Jul 21 2020 15:40
        I found another gun-boat that plied the Illinois River, proprietor Bill lee. But when he was parked near Burlington, Iowa, a vigilance committee jumped the boat and torched it. Speaking of Iowa, I had... more
    • ExactlyK.t.K., Tue Jul 07 2020 19:03
      The implication is huge, complicated with possibilities. The most obvious keys are George and Morgan. But she could have come down river on her own. St. Louis had adopted and emulated the French system... more