Larry K
Thank you BJ
Wed Oct 23, 6:18

An amazing run for sure. While I appreciate the recognition for creating the event now known as TTR, I must also give you credit for the idea started with the "March, march". You were the one in the trenches with both events, a stalwart just like you have been with this board for 20 plus years.

My hats off to you sir!


    • sharing what we knowRoger S. Peterson, Fri Oct 25 1:44
      BJ, your board showed how information on any historical topic can be shared quickly, debated quickly, enhanced quickly, or, in some cases and specific people, rejected quickly. Just as early TV ruined... more
    • Thank you BJGreg Ellison, Wed Oct 23 14:10
      Running a board is hard especially when its about outlaws and their situations that people have very differing opinions about. Thank you for your service and beyond.
    • DownloadAnonymous, Wed Oct 23 3:49
      BJ, I just downloaded the text data from a board on my John Ringo webpage. It is a fairly easy process to download and save the data, but it is in a text file and it will take some effort to edit ou... more
    • BJsEddie Lanham, Tue Oct 22 23:21
      End of an era, and beginning of a new. Thank you BJ for providing this history discussion board. Ditto on saving the archives.
    • Sad News!Victoria Wilcox, Tue Oct 22 17:25
      Thanks, B.J. for the wonderful forum you created and maintained for these many years. Like most of us, my knowledge has been expanded by the contributions here and my own work has been greatly enhance... more
    • Sad NewsJeff Morey, Tue Oct 22 17:13
      B.J., Thanks for the memories. For over 20 years, this site has been the essential forum to visit for everyone seeking a broader and deeper understanding of Tombstone history. The discussions and de... more
      • Thank you BJ — Larry K, Wed Oct 23 6:18
        • Thanks LarryB.J., Fri Oct 25 0:57
          That very first march march was really fun. You were a big part of that event. What I did was a very easy event. What you did is something that I could never have done. I do not have the organizing sk... more
      • This was a Nondenominational ForumJeff Morey, Wed Oct 23 18:11
        B.J., What made this Forum especially valuable was how you kept it strictly “nondenominational”. Worshippers of every stripe and conviction were welcome as long as proper decorum was maintained. Und... more
    • Re: End of an eraDaniel Buck, Tue Oct 22 12:56
      B.J., Count me among those who have appreciated the forum. Even thought Tombstoniana is not my focus, I've haunted the site for years and learned a lot. Dan
    • Important QuestionGary Roberts, Tue Oct 22 6:39
      B. J. and John, Do you have an archive of the 20 years of discussions? I've frequently referred to the back files of the board, when particular subjects come up in my research. My understanding and... more
      • Hey GaryB.J., Tue Oct 22 7:24
        I’ll have to defer your excellent question to John K. Also there is a “Dump” available on the 31st but I’m not sure what it is or what it means. I’ll hoping John K. Will help guide us through this. I’... more
        • Re: Hey GaryWayne Sanderson, Tue Oct 22 18:30
          Interesting... Yahoo Groups is going away too, and on the same timeline. Curious as to whether the two are connected.
    • Thank you B.J.Neil Brown, Mon Oct 21 17:49
      Thank you B.J. for hosting a great forum these last twenty plus years. I don't really post much, but I have enjoyed reading almost every post for the last twenty years. I am extremely sad to see it en... more
      • This board was born in when the dominant voice in the field turned out to be a fraud and the dominant books informing the Earp saga turned out to be equally fraudulent. Your board was instrumental in ... more
        • Thanks muc BJFred Dodge, Thu Oct 24 10:09
          "I don't have the words."
          • ThanksPat Mulligan, Fri Oct 25 3:12
            Thank you BJ and too all the Contributors. This has been a wonderful way of learning
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