BJ/Doc Hollidaze...
Tue Aug 01, 17:11

I suspect there is quite a bit of excitement building up, but to be honest, I know almost nothing. I work mornings at the Visitor Center but we have been given no information at all and everything about the whole event seems very hush-hush. We can't find out anything and the people who are sponsors have gone underground.
I'd love to have lunch with you folks. Thank you so much. See you then...

    • B.J./of course...Joyce, Tue Aug 01 11:24
      Hi B.J., I will look forward to seeing you. Give me a call when you get here or have the time. My cell is 520-508-3337 Best, Joyce
      • BJ/Doc Hollidaze... — Joyce, Tue Aug 01 17:11
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