Re: Original timeline
Mon Aug 23, 2021 2:38pm

I'm happy that things didn't turn out that way.

There were too many bad events in that timeline, like Janeway and Torres killed.

There were also too many weird events where all the stupidities the writers came up with considering the Ocampa came up to the surface, like the absurd in Kim dating Kes's and Tom's daughter who all of a sudden became a grown-up.

The only thing that could have been worth to save was the relationship between Kes and Tom. That could have been interesting in a way. But that could have been done in a totally different story.

  • Original timeline - Sai Wong, Sat Jul 03 2021 10:05am
    I was thinking about the episode 'Before & After' which was set in the original prime timeline. Kes was able to live a full life and got married and later became a grandma. Things only changed when... more
    • Re: Original timeline - Lynx, Mon Aug 23 2021 2:38pm
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