Sai Wong
Original timeline
Sat Jul 03, 2021 10:05am

I was thinking about the episode 'Before & After' which was set in the original prime timeline. Kes was able to live a full life and got married and later became a grandma.

Things only changed when Kes was put into a
bio-temporal chamber to try and extend her lifespan which triggered changes in the timeline (which you see in the remainder of the series)

So I was wondering what the series would have been like if it followed Kes's original timeline and we saw Kes and Tom Paris date and then get married. Their married life and birth of their daughter Linnis etc...

This storyline could have spanned throughout the series up to season 7 and we could have seen Kes arrive on Earth and live out the rest of her life with husband Tom Paris on planet Earth.

OF course in the Prime timeline Captain Janeway dies, but they could always write episode(s) to change this and save the Captain.

Would you have liked to see this storyline play through ?

    • Re: Original timeline - Lynx, Mon Aug 23 2021 2:38pm
      No! I'm happy that things didn't turn out that way. There were too many bad events in that timeline, like Janeway and Torres killed. There were also too many weird events where all the stupidit... more
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