NE Disc App Change Log
Release v0.6.0
Tue Sep 17, 2019

Release Date: 2019-09-17

Fixes and Features in this release:
* Add Enabled/Disabled Option to Application Settings in Modify Account enhancement
* Add delete account option enhancement
* Export path throws null pointer exception if does not exist before attempting to export data. bug
* Log full path of uploaded imports and make configurable bug
* Max number of threads should be configurable in appearance maintenance page. enhancement
* Implement Thread Depth for Expanded Threads enhancement
* Preview length for first topic and replies should be configurable. enhancement
* New Threads or Replies should bring user to posted thread instead of main view on submit bug
* Thread Maintenace Page Does Not Remember What Tab You're On bug
* Add paging functionality to thread maintenance page enhancement
* ReCaptcha Responses are not being verified against Google's Services bug needed

Some bug fixes in this release for recaptcha, new thread redirects, etcs. I believe this covers the last of the new user-end features that we actually use on this site. I've created tickets for the configuration page where you can set different posting regulations but we've never used any of those. (As well as all the other config pages I have missing even if they probably won't get implemented before the 10/31 deadline)

Enable/Disable of Disc Apps per app per account is a new feature that the original does not have. Here you can set the disc app as enabled (like this is currently) or disabled where no one will be able to access it on the fly.

Also added feature to delete your account. It's actually a soft delete that doesn't actually remove anything from the database but your account will become inaccessible to log in as well as any Disc Apps associated with your account will be disabled as well. I went with a soft delete so I could easily re-enable any accounts that were accidentally disabled. (Even though there's two screens you have to go through as well as a ReCaptcha to do so...)

Max thread depth feature was from original site and works just like the original site. If max nested threads are reached it will say "x more comments" with a link. The actual feature on the Disc App site isn't correct because it starts the count from zero. So it will say "3 more comments" when there is four. This is fixed in my version.

Max number of threads per page is a new feature for this site. You can set how many top level threads appear per page.

Next page feature is implemented now. Previous page is a new feature that didn't exist in the original site. You can now go back to a previous page on the main app view as well as in the thread maintenance page.

Configurable preview lengths are also new to this site. On the original site they were hard coded. Originally I was going to make them site wide default configs but decided to make them per app. There's only a select number of sizes you can choose from so it's not completely free range. (though technically any int value would work)

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