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NE Disc App is a message board hosting service which was created as a replacement and tribute to the now closed YourWebApps discussion forums. After 20+ years, the original discussion app service was discontinued in October 2019. I decided to make a personal project to reverse engineer the original service and recreate it from scratch so that the legacy could live on for anyone interested.

To the left you will find links for more information as well as helpful account related pages.

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Latest Update: 06-12-2021 - Small site update and new domain name

There has been a small site update which fixes a rare issue with the page view counting for message boards as well as adds paging to the application search results to the search function to the left of this news update if the results exceed 10 results.

There is also now a new domain name to access this site: https://www.nediscapp.com

All original URLs will still continue to work and I don't plan on decommissioning them anytime in the near future. This new domain name was set up as I will soon be updating the email correspondence (account create, password resets, subscriptions, etc) to use the newly hosted email address at the new domain name instead of the existing one. If you are currently subscribed to a message board, please expect the "from" email address of your subscription to start coming from "@nediscapp.com" as of 07/01/2021.

Please use the Help Forum if you have any questions or concerns about these changes. Full information on this latest release can be found in the change log post.

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